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Job Site Analysis

A Job Site Analysis (JSA) provides a comprehensive, detailed review of the claimant’s pre-accident workplace environment. The assessment charts the physical demands and requirements the claimant must meet, and the critical tasks that must be performed with respect to the claimant’s work environment.


The analysis includes:

  • The claimant’s pre-accident work routines.
  • Environmental considerations.
  • Ballistic motion requirements.
  • Strength requirements.
  • Work site ergonometrics.
  • Comprehensive interviews with the claimant and employer.
  • Photographs of the worksite and work station.
  • A comprehensive report stating the physical demands of all tasks.


A Job Site Analysis is recommended when:

  • It is necessary to modify or alter the work site to facilitate the claimant’s condition prior to resuming pre-accident/injury status.
  • The claimant is having difficulty performing his/her regular duties and ADL’s.
  • The employer requires the assessment prior to the claimant returning to work in an attempt to prevent further incidents or exacerbations.
  • The claimant reports periods of painful exacerbations while performing his or her normal daily routine at work.
  • An assessment is requires as a pre-requisite to an FAE.


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