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I have been singularly impressed with the management of SIMAC by Gloria Rajkumar. In my mind, SIMAC is a model company in an industry that is highly competitive. The success of the company is a reflection of Ms. Rajkumar’s management skills, organizational behaviour, dignified approach to employees, and perseverance. The level of organization demonstrated by this company is far beyond that of any other company I provide consulting services to. Ms. Rajkumar and her employees have demonstrated obsessive attention to detail making it an absolute pleasure to involve myself in this business.

C. B. Paitich, M.D., FRCS(C)
Orthopaedic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is a distinct pleasure to have maintained an ongoing association with Ms. Gloria Rajkumar and SIMAC for over five years. SIMAC adheres to high standards of ethical and business practices. The "I" in SIMAC refers to Independent assessments. This is essential to me. Independent, critical thought is abundantly evident in each SIMAC report. SIMAC’s roster of assessors is active, practicing clinicians, highly regarded in their academic fields. This ensures quality reports with balanced, reasoned viewpoints. The SIMAC office is run with integrity.  Morale and enthusiasm are high among all associated with SIMAC. Staff are energetic and dedicated, and all (Ms. Rajkumar, her Staff, and the Assessors) function as an integrated team. All of these factors lead to the highest quality assessments, provided in a most timely fashion.

Dr. Paul A. Derry
Dept. Psychology, The University of Western Ontario, and Dept. Clinical Neurological Sciences,
University Hospital London Health Sciences Centre

I have worked with SIMAC as a Psychiatrist Assessor since approximately 2003. I have been consistently impressed with their efficiency and professionalism. I have worked for several similar firms in my career, but I find SIMAC to be particularly reliable and provide a very high quality of service. I have great respect for the opinions of other assessors chosen by SIMAC for their roster.

Dr. Richard Finkel, MD, FRCP(C)

We have the privilege of working side by side with SIMAC on many cases, and we can say that the experience has been absolutely professional. There has never been an issue of pressure to do other than our job, of assessing insured people and submitting the best possible report, from a psychological perspective. 

Dr. Nashef, C.Psych, Nashef & Associates


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