Observers and Recording Devices Policy

SIMAC will follow the observer and recording devices policies as defined in each Service Level Agreement with our customers, if applicable. In the absence of a specific policy set forth by the referral source, the following standards will be applied.

SIMAC does not permit the use of audio and/or video recording devices in assessments unless express written consent has been obtained by the claimant (and/or legal representative) the adjuster (referral source) and the assessor. Such permission will only be sought if the completion of the assessment is conditional upon the use of such devices. All such approvals must be obtained in advance of the assessment appointment.

SIMAC will allow observers to attend assessments only if the assessor agrees and is willing to acknowledge agreement in the body of the assessment report. It is understood that such observers are not to participate in the assessment and any information they may wish to contribute will only be recorded should the assessor feel it is relevant and useful to the assessment process.

No assessor shall be compelled to complete an assessment under conditions that contravene their responsibilities under their professional college, including the use of recording devices and/or presence of observers.


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