Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy

SIMAC is committed to operate all activities within the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations affecting its businesses, employees, stakeholders and persons served. Management and employees must exercise the highest level of integrity, ethics and objectivity in their actions and relationships that may affect the Company. Management and employees must not misuse their authority or influence of their positions in these relationships. Moreover, all representatives of SIMAC have the duty to act in the best interest of the Company at all times, while protecting the interests of all stakeholders, and the rights of the persons served.

Procedures for dealing with allegations of breaches of the Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy are outlined in the SIMAC Employee Handbook.

Core Values:

  • Integrity - We shall act with integrity at all times, employing honesty and ethics as the minimum standards for our behaviour.
  • Respect - We shall treat each other and all people we deal with in the course of conducting business with respect and dignity.
  • Accountability - We shall be accountable for our actions and take pride in providing the best possible customer care.
  • Innovation - We will strive to go beyond the expected, to be innovative in our approach to customer care and service delivery and to never settle for good enough.


  • Management, employees and contract resources are expected to uphold SIMACs core values, vision and mission statements at all times.
  • No employee shall have the authority to make public or private statements on behalf of the Company without prior approval of the CEO.
  • All employees shall conduct themselves publicly or privately in such a manner as shall bring credit to the Company and its brand. This includes conduct reflected/distributed through public internet sites, blogs and social network, etc. in which the employee is easily recognizable or identified as being an employee of SIMAC.
  • Behaviour of any employee that may affect the safety and well being of other employees, of customers, or of the persons served, shall be cause for disciplinary action, whether or not such behaviour relates to proper performance of the employees described job duties.
  • Employees must not engage in criminal behaviour, and must follow all regulations and policies outlined by the company and/or any legislative body related to our business.
  • Employees will respect and take appropriate steps to safeguard the personal property of other employees, visitors, contract resources and persons served.
  • Employees shall refrain from using Company time and/or resources, or their position in the company to further any personal fundraising efforts (i.e. charity sponsorships, school fundraisers, etc).
  • Employees will refrain from using Company time and/or resources, or their position in the company, to invoke another employee, stakeholder or person served to witness any legal documents not related to their function as an employee of the Company.
  • All management, staff and contracted resources will encourage their colleagues to follow the codes of conduct and understand that they have the right to raise questions of a colleagues actions without fear of reprisal.

Conflicts of Interests:

While the Company has no wish to interfere in any employees private activities outside of work hours, the Company has a policy prohibiting conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest normally arise when employees engage in activities for personal gain that compromise their ability to represent their employers best interests. Examples of employee activities commonly viewed as creating conflicts of interest include: having significant financial interests in customers, suppliers, or competitors; working for a competitor; self-employment in competition with the organization; soliciting or accepting gifts or gratuities from suppliers or customers; using the organizations equipment and supplies for personal gain; and using inside information about the employer for personal benefit. As it is difficult to clearly define a conflict, employees must use their discretion and if in doubt, they must declare the potential conflict to the CEO.

Use of Funds, Gifts and Gratuities:

  • Employees may not use corporate assets or funds for any unlawful or improper purpose.
  • The Company does not authorize and will not condone any payment by any employee that is in the nature of a bribe, kickback, or disclosed commission or a commission in excess those required in ordinary course of business to a third party for obtaining any business or otherwise bestowing a special favor on the Company or employee.
  • Gifts or payments may not be offered or given by employees to potential clients, political parties or candidates on behalf of the Company without the express written approval of the CEO. Such approval will only be given if it is deemed that the gift does not breach SIMACs integrity with respect to acquiring business and/or improving the Companys brand through appropriate and transparent means.
  • SIMAC management and employees may not receive gifts or gratuities, outside the acceptable exchange of token gifts between friends and colleagues, particularly if gifts could be construed as a bribe or kickback by a potential vendor seeking SIMAC business, or by any person or organization seeking information about SIMAC and its business practices.

Involvement in Community, Political or Volunteer Activities:

Management and employees are free to be involved in and/or support community, political or volunteer activities as long as:

  • Activities do not interfere with the performance of their duties with the Company
  • Activities are not conducted on Company time or with Company resources
  • Activities are not in conflict with the Companys policies, vision, mission or ethical standards.
  • Employees do not use their status or position with the Company to garner support or raise funds for such activities.


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